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Meet Efrat Cohen-Barbieri

Efrat Cohen-Barbieri is a seasoned expert in the field of corporate investigation and risk prevention. She is a licensed professional investigator in Florida and Missouri, as well as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS). As the President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Intelligence Consultants, she has worked in the industry for nearly two decades, assisting many components of the legal system. As a graduate of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Efrat received her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, Law, and Political Science. Her CITRMS certification is backed by the Institute of Fraud Management.

Efrat was born with a fine-tuned set of instinctive investigative talents, which were bolstered by her bilingualism. Due to her unique set of skills, Efrat Cohen-Barbieri is called upon as a court-appointed Investigator, the only method that allows ordinary citizens to serve as officers of the United States Court System. In this role, Efrat brings an innovative perspective to the legal profession. Currently, she is sitting on the 11th Circuit Florida Bar Grievance Committee and is the only non-attorney on this esteemed Board.